Remote pilots have a large responsibility within an organization to maintain safe and professional UAS operations in accordance with company policy and procedures as well as regulatory frameworks. The Visual Observer, also known as a VO, while not being required by the FAA, is a critical component of safety within UAS operations.  A VO provides a second set of eyes necessary to support the remote pilot in command and challenge decisions that could be a safety concern.  A VO, in a sense, can be viewed as the "Co-Pilot" from an aviation perspective, meant to lesson the workload, increase operational safety, and provide a second opinion or perspective when it comes to operational decision making.  "See Something, Say Something" as coined by Homeland Security is a critical concept for a VO when it comes to UAS operational safety.  This course is meant to provide an industry overview from a regulatory, safety, and risk mitigation perspective.  The course content is pulled from multiple USI course offerings to provide a comprehensive understanding of UAS operations from both a remote pilot perspective as well as a management perspective when it comes to managing hazard severity and probability.  A VO is the last last line of defense to prevent incidents/accidents from happening.



The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

USI Certificate of Training